Day 1

An associated exhibition located at "Börsensaal" in the Chamber of Commerce Hamburg presented various hydrogen projects and research activities, located in Northern Germany and beyond. We gladly invite you to check out the companies of the exhibition here.


October 2019


  • 09.00 h
    Registration, Coffee
  • 10.00 h
    Address of welcome
    • Friederike C. Kühn, President of the IHK Nord
    • Michael Eggenschwiler, President of the Hydrogen Society Hamburg
  • 10.10 h
    Northern Germany - the hydrogen region
    • Michael Westagemann, Senator of Hamburg
    • Daniel Günther, Minister-President of Land Schleswig-Holstein
  • 10.35 h
    International Keynote
  • 11.00 h

    Session 1: "PRODUCTION / POWER 2 GAS"

  • 11.00 h
    Keynote: "Groningen - the European Hydrogen Valley"
    • Koen Schuiling, Mayor, City of Groningen                                                        "Groningen - the European Hydrogen Valley"
      Download Presentation
  • 11.15 h

    Pulse lectures

    • Patrick Cnubben, LNG & Hydrogen, New Energy Coalition Groningen - Download Presentation
    • Gabriele Schmiedel, Executive Vice President, SIEMENS Hydrogen Solutions
    • Dr. Oliver Weinmann, Managing Director, Vattenfall Europe Innovation GmbH
    • Jürgen Wollschläger, CEO, Raffinerie Heide GmbH
      "Making industrial scale hydrogen a reality: overcoming the regulatory barriers"
  • 12.15 h
    Lunch break
  • 13.30 h


  • 13.30 h
    Keynote: "Optimal interplay between fuelcell and battery: Mercedes-Benz GLC F-CELL"
    • Gerald Hornburg, Chief Engineer at Mercedes-Benz Fuel Cell GmbH, Daimler Group Germany - Download Presentation
  • Parallel Panels:

  • 14.00 h
    Trucks - Room "Albert-Schäfer-Saal"
    • Rolf Huber, Chairman and Founder, H2Energy AG
      "Just a new truck is not enough, we need entirely new eco-systems to master the transition"
      Download Presentation
    • Dirk Lehmann, Managing Director, Becker Marine Systems
      "Clean Logistics - Hydrogen hybrid drives for road, water and rail"
  • 14.00 h
    Cars - Room "Börsensaal"
    • Dr. Soonil Jeon, Fuel Cell Engineering Design Group Leader of Hyundai Motor Group - Download Presentation
    • Nikolas Iwan, Managing Director, H2Mobility GmbH
      "The state of play of the German refueling infrastructure"
  • Parallel Panels:

  • 14.45 h
    Trains - Room "Albert-Schäfer-Saal"
  • 14.45 h
    Busses - Room "Börsensaal"
    • Randy MacEwen, President & CEO, Ballard Power Systems, Inc. - Download Presentation
    • André Steinau, Advisor of the CEO, eFarm-Projekt at GP Joule GmbH
  • 15.30 h
    Coffee break
  • 16.00 h
    Panel discussion
    • Bart Biebuyck, Executive Director, Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking
    • Jörg Starr, Chairman, Clean Energy Partnership
    • Rolf Huber, Chairman & Founder, H2 Energy AG - Download Presentation
    • Dr. Soonil Jeon, Fuel Cell Engineering Design Group Leader of Hyundai Motor Group - Download Presentation
  • 17.00 h
    Keynote: "Japan’s Hydrogen Strategy and Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020"
    • Kikuko Kato, Consul-General of Japan in Hamburg
  • 17.20 h
    End of day 1
  • 17.20 –
    19.00 h
    Get together in the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce

Moderation: Johannes Büchs, WDR

Day 2


October 2019


  • 08.30 h

    Welcome coffee

  • 09.00 h
    Address of welcome
    • André Mücke, Vice-President Hamburg Chamber of Commerce
  • 09.05 h

    Keynote: "Decentralising Hydrogen Globally: Enapter moves into Japan and China"

  • 09.20 h


    • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Marc Hölling, Professor of Chemical Engineering, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany
      "CO2-free steel production by means of hydrogen" - Download Presentation
    • Andrea Wenzel, CFO, H&R Ölwerke
    • Dr. Jens Schmidt, Global Technology Director, Dow Chemical Company - Download Presentation
  • 10.00 h


    • Thorsten Luft, VP Corporate Fuel Management, Deutsche Lufthansa AG - Download Presentation
    • Jens Müller-Belau, Energy Transition Manager, Shell Global Solutions Deutschland GmbH
    • Marc Grünewald, Vice-President, MAN Energy Solutions
  • 10.45 h
    Coffee break
  • 11.15 h

    Session 5: "MARITIME INDUSTRY"

    • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gerd Holbach, Design and operation of maritime systems, TU Berlin
      "ELEKTRA, the first emission-free push boat - from vision to realization" - Download Presentation
    • Laurence Grand-Clement, CEO, Persee - Download Presentation
    • Dr. Ralf Sören Marquardt, Director, German Shipbuilding and Ocean Industries Association (VSM)  - Download Presentation
  • 12.00 h
    Hydrogen Mobility Award Ceremony
  • 12.30 h

    End of Symposium

Moderation: Johannes Büchs, WDR